About River Drifters

Family Paddle RaftingRiver Drifters started running commercial trips in 1979. At that time we were rafting one river and only operating for one month out of the year. Today, River Drifters operates on eight fabulous rivers in Oregon and Washington, and we run from March through October.

We have grown from a very small company to one of the leading outfitters in the industry, we still make it a point to treat all of our guests like family. Surpassing your expectations is our top priority. Whether you are planning a trip for yourself, or for a large group from work, your family or school, our staff is available year-round to provide assistance that you won't find elsewhere.

Before You Select An Outfitter, Consider This:

Paddle Raft SmilingOften times when selecting an outfitter to go rafting with, too many people get caught up in who offers the best price. To be quite honest, in this industry (like many others), you get what you pay for!

There are a few very important questions that you need to ask yourself before your trip is selected solely on price. These questions are: is the trip going to be lead by professional guides who are not just 'weekend warriors' and only guide for a hobby? Is the trip going to be safe? How long have they been in business and how often does the company run trips. Too often the outfitters that will give the lowest price have at least one (if not more) of the above attributes.

Remember that the goal of this activity is to have a fun, be safe and have an out of the norm experience, don't be so focused on price that you let other important priorities slip away. One doctor's bill is far greater than the savings of going with the cheapest outfitter! Whether you decide to raft with River Drifters or not is entirely your decision, but please remember that price isn't everything and you get what you pay for! For more frequently asked questions and concerns that others have, click here!